Collection: Luxury Bone China & Bone China Candle Pot


Mini trays are great to have around your home to catch trinkets and jewellery. Far from just functional, each simple but elegant design on these trays makes them a beautiful decoration for any table or shelf as well.

Our mini trays can also be paired with your used candle pots to turn them into stylish storage containers.


Having a beautiful planter for cacti or succulents is a great way to introduce a splash of green into your home. You can add a bone china planter to your collection, or start as you mean to go on if your green fingers are relatively new to the game.


Each bone china candle pot will help to create a calming atmosphere in your home. As the candle burns down, the china will emit a soft glow of warm light. Nothing is more relaxing at the end of a long day when you are back in the comfort of your own home.


Luxury bone China is the perfect stylish addition to your home decor. It manages to appear dainty while being a high-quality material with great durability. The added 22ct gold embellishment glistens as it catches the light and makes each home accessory fit for royalty.

Whether you are looking for a new set of mugs, a fresh fragrance for your home or a trinket tray to catch your precious jewels, we have something for you. Our range of mini planters and vases are perfect to house your succulents and cacti or a fresh bunch of flowers that will help you bring the outside in.


Every product made from luxury bone china can either decorate your home or be gifted as a special and meaningful present. The important people in your life will be delighted with the thought, and charmed by the elegance of each design.

The suit of cards collection has intricate designs and background patterns featuring spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. Kings and Queens alike can find the perfect mug or bone china candle pot to adorn their home. You can be sure that these gifts will light up the faces of your loved ones.

The floral collection has a delicate, feminine energy to it. The gentle designs will fit perfectly with both contemporary and traditional interior decor. You can choose the full, luscious look of floral plant pots and floating flower vases or the simple charm of a dandelion being blown across a cup and saucer or a trinket dish. Either will make a cherished Mother’s Day gift.Some of the designs feature bumblebees which are increasingly popular in home design. There could be no sweeter mini tray than one with a golden bee at its centre.


Fine bone china is regarded as the best material to drink hot drinks from. Whether you like a coffee to get you going in the mornings or a cup of tea to relax and unwind, these mugs and cups and saucers are sure to make your tea break a little more magical. The rim of each cup or mug is embellished with a golden border, giving it a regal, decadent feel.

Mugs are always a popular gift in Britain, and each delicate design with its luxury finish can have your loved ones feeling like they are having tea with the Queen.