London Born Lifestyle Brand with core values to offer you everyday yet luxuriously made pieces. Toy Guash products effortlessly infuse your daily routine with a sense of lushness and luxury. We have the privilege of working with some of the most dedicated and talented artists in the industry, with a particular focus on handmade products. 

The idea of overconsumption is contrary to our core values, and so we want people to buy products they really want; products that will last.

We aren’t fond of fast fashion or ways of production that have a negative impact on the environment. Where possible, we seek to avoid excessive packaging; but where it is necessary to protect your piece, we will use foldable packaging so as to minimise the impact on the environment while transporting it from our factory to the warehouse. We believe that it is not the add-on packaging that makes our products truly luxury; rather, it is their design and quality, as well as the meticulous attention to detail which they exhibit.